Mission Nightwalks

​We care.
​Stop the violence.

Whether it's 14-year-old Rashawn Williams stabbed to death in our neighborhood, or Amilcar Perez Lopez and Alex Nieto, Luis Gongora Pat, or Jesus Adolfo Delgado--all killed by San Francisco Police--too many of our neighbors have been needlessly killed or injured, and others sent to prison. Too many parents have shed too many tears.

So twice each month, faith communities in San Francisco's Mission District walk the streets of our neighborhood where violence has occurred.

Along the way, we stop to listen to the stories of our neighbors, sometimes talk with family and friends of those killed, and often pray for both the victims and the perpetrators of the violence.

In our Nightwalks, we hope to bring not only comfort, but also a challenge -- to ourselves, our neighbors, and our City​ -- to uproot the causes of that violence, whether it is done by individuals, gangs, or law enforcement.