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A Mural for Amilcar

Learn more about Amilcar's story and why we care about it at the site.
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On February 26, 2015, two SFPD officers fired six bullets into Amilcar's back and killed him near his home on Folsom Street. Since then, both law enforcement and the judicial system have refused justice for his family and our community.

Over the years, SFPD has killed many young people of color like Amilcar. The stories of these slain young people are usually forgotten. All the anger and pain get lost in the rush of everyday life and no longer fuel a hope and a demand for change.

But we're not forgetting!

We won't forget this hardworking young Guatemalan whose story highlights the many struggles our community now faces: racism, xenophobia, gentrification, and police brutality.

We are collaborating withPrecita Eyes and the youth from HOMEY to create a powerful mural for Amilcar. The preliminary sketch above by muralist Carla Wojczuk links Amilcar's family in Guatemala with our fight for justice here in San Francisco. This first concept is now being further developed with input from the youth at HOMEY and other community members. The mural will powerfully tell what Amilcar's story means to us.

Help ma
ke Amilcar's mural happen!
To create Amilcar's mural, we need to raise approximately 16K to cover supplies, labor, and small stipends for participating HOMEY youth. So far we've raised 5K. We're on our way!

St. John's Episcopal Church here in the Mission has agreed to gather online donations through their website. All funds go directly to the mural project. St. John's charges no service fee, and all donations are tax deductible. Any funds we raise beyond the costs of the mural will go to Amilcar's family in Guatemala.

Please spread the word! No contribution is too small. 

To donate to Amilcar's mural online:

  1. Navigate to the St. John's donation page.
  2. Under Donation, enter the amount.
  3. Under Donation frequency, enter One Time, Quarterly, Monthly, or Annual.
  4. Under Payment information, select either Credit/debit or Paypal and follow the prompts to enter the required information.
  5. From the list under I want my donation to be designated toward: select Mural for Amilcar Pérez López.